Tina Hellman

Name :

Tina Hellman





Demon's ability


-Can talk to animals 

-She's a witch!


Tina is the wife of Balthazar Hellman and mother of Mandy, her fourteen year old daughter (fifteen by the season one episode "Fantastic 15"), and her twelve year old son Josh. She also lives with "Uncle" Vlaartark and the dog like goblin Pazuzu. She is shown to very protective of her family and cares for her family.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

In the Underworld, Tina is shown wearing a black bodysuit that is torn around her upper thighs, and the upper part of her lower thighs. Like other demons, she is all green and had goat hooves for feet, a long tail, horns and sharp canine teeth.

After she moved to Houston Texas, she changed her appearance. She still has her green color but she no longer has her horns, goat feet or tail. Her hair is also no longer the short yellow flame hair but regular short blond hair now. She is now wearing a strapless knee-length red dress, red high-heeled shoes, red hooped earrings, a red necklace, and is wearing a large emerald ring on her hand. In the Season one episode "Fantastic 15", she is shown to be wearing dark pink skin-tight spandex body-suit that covers up to her breasts but doesn't cover her arms or part of her back, purple leg-warmers, purple thong leotard (over the pink bodysuit), and purple headband. But the rest of her accessories are the same (large emerald ring, red earrings, red necklace, etc.).

Tina is shown to be strong willed, stubborn, and short-tempered. She hates that she has to go from being a hard-working business woman to an ordinary housewife. She also has taken a liking to gossip magazines and seems to have one on hand always. She is also shown to be an alcoholic as she is also seen with an alcoholic beverage on hand always as well.

Tina is shown to have sub-par driving skills.